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Auto Detailing Services

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Professional Hand Car Wash

Leaving spotless finish after a car wash, our professionally trained team will take care of your car. The whole process takes about half an hour, the car will be thoroughly cleaned and shine inside out.

Scratch Removal & Wax

Normal wear of your car will cause minor scratches on the original paint, our professional team can remove these scratches by using multi-stages compound and polish.  To restore the paint surface back to shinny look, we are the one you should look for.

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Ceramic Coating

AD Auto Detail Limited is the official and exclusive installer of KAMIKAZI COLLECTION Ceramic Coat, which is a Japanese made, award winning ceramic coating designed specifically for car surfaces. This coating is applicable only by highly trained technician approved by the head quarters, the attention to detail and the temperature control are vital for working with this coating. This Nano layer protects your car against an abrasive chemical, like acid rain, bird drops and tree sap to damage the paint surface.

PPF & Window Film

Paint Protection Film also know as PPF is a thin layer of plastic wrap for your car surface, offering protection against stone chips and accidental scratches.

Window Film is a good way to preserve your car interior, depending on the film you select, it may block UV-rays and Infra-red from the Sun, lowering the temperature of the cabin and slow down the aging of the dash board.


Interior Deep Cleaning

To ensure the cabin of your vehicle is clean and hygienic for your loved ones, once in a while you may consider our Interior Deep Cleaning Service. We have various equipment to work on your car to kill bacteria, deodorizing and mould removal at the same time.

Leather Restoration

If your original leather seat is suffered from wear and tear, leather is cracking and discolouring, we can repair the original leather so that you can preserve the factory leather and maintain the value of your car.

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